Rainbow Gesellschaft für Naturprodukte mbH stands for high-quality products with aloe vera from certified organic cultivation. We offer aloe vera products for internal and external use: the aloecare natural cosmetics and the aloefit aloe vera juice. Concerning B2B, we offer our customers aloe vera as raw material and private label juices from certified organic farming. Moreover we offer private label natural cosmetics that comply with BDiH standards.

The plant aloe vera

The subtropical plant aloe vera has a long and successful tradition as a medicinal plant dating back to the year 2200 BC. Aloe vera has been regarded as a mystical medicinal plant for a long time, but meanwhile soothing results are also confirmed by scientific research and convince in an impressive way!

Ingredients of aloe vera

The special character of aloe vera is the complex interaction of many bioactive ingredients, which complement each other optimally and thus can develop their unique effect. Over 200 active ingredients have already been discovered in the aloe vera gel. These are among others the most important categories for the skin, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides, enzymes, phytosterols, as well as important phytochemicals.

Aloverose – sign of quality

The most important quality feature of aloe vera is the aloverose - a polysaccharide found exclusively in this green plant. Although aloverose is considered a polysaccharide, not all polysaccharides in aloe vera are aloverose. The name aloverose only means the partially acetylated polymannose. For each batch of our products we do a spectroscopic analysis to control the amount of this specific polysaccharide.

Our quality claim

More than 25 years of experience with aloe vera plants and aloe vera products speak for themselves. We rely on high quality in all our products:

  • made out of hand-peeled and aloe vera fillets from certified organic cultivation
  • spectroscopic analyses of every production batch confirming a special quality
  • long-standing and transparent cooperation with our business partners